Create an account with Noty by signing in from Noty website. Sign in with Google using your work email address.

Don't worry - Noty is free to get started!

Once you've created the account, you need to install Noty Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store. Noty Chrome extension will enable real-time Google Meet captions and save them to your Noty account.

What's next? Just join your Google Meet as you usually do. Noty will be there to transcribe your meeting.

Let's explore the different parts of Noty!

Note: Captions will be enabled automatically. Make it work on your demand: stop the transcribing before joining the meeting, click the pause/resume button during the meeting.

How to set up a Noty account?

Learn more at Enable/disable Noty before joining the meeting and Pausing/resuming transcription during the meeting

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