Unlimited Real-Time Transcription and How to Use it

Noty.ai performs real-time transcription of your Google Meet and Zoom calls. This article describes the transcription process, the technologies, the accuracy, and the main related functionality.

General info

Real-time transcription is a basic feature of Noty.ai.

  • There are no limitations on the number or duration of meetings - Noty transcribes all your calls (except when you turn the transcription off).
  • The transcription feature is free for all users regardless of the subscription plan.


How Noty.ai real-time transcription works

Noty.ai captures the speech of each call participant separately. As a result, you have a detailed conversation with phrases correctly assigned to each member. The app identifies the Google Meet or Zoom names of the participants for the transcript.


Google Meet Real-Time Transcription

Noty.ai works as a widget during Google Meet calls. You can see the process of transcription in real time in the widget or in our application.

Noty.ai uses Google Speech-to-Text technology for transcription. The tested accuracy is 95%.


Zoom Real-Time Transcription

At the moment, Noty.ai has a beta test functionality for Zoom. It works as a participant bot during Zoom calls. The transcript can be found on the platform a couple of minutes after the meeting is over.

Noty.ai uses Recall.ai technology for transcription with a claimed accuracy of 94%.


Transcription-related functionality:


Noty.ai does not make an audio recording of your call and cannot transcript the audio recording of your call.